TFD-2 Thermal Fingerprint Developer

the foster and Freeman thermal fingerprint developer or TFD uses a new chemical free thermal technique for developing prints without damaging the document it incorporates an ultra-low thermal mass conveyor specially designed to maximize uniformity of development and minimize cross contamination this video demonstrates how the TFT can easily be used to develop fingerprints on documents after turning on the machine the conveyor moves out of its parked position and the machine goes into standby mode to start the warm-up process just press the standby button on the control panel after the short warmup period the machine is then ready for use the development process is optimized by setting an appropriate conveyor speed here we are using the right hand up and down buttons to reduce the default speed of 3,000 millimeters per minute to a speed of 1500 milliliters per minute place the sample on the conveyor and press the Go button the development process starts as the conveyor moves under the heaters printer should now be developed if necessary the process can be repeated for further development the temperature of the document surface is displayed as it travels under the heaters here we are developing a print on a note to close down the machine after use press the standby button the conveyor then moves back to the parked position you can cancel the shutdown process by pressing the eject button when the machine has cooled down and is ready to be switched off and packed away the display will show standby to examine a document for fingerprints we use a crime light and matching goggles here we are examining a document that has had fingerprints applied first one side then the other as the document has not yet been treated no prints can be found the prints on this document are now developed by running it through the thermal fingerprint developer the develop prints can now easily be seen in fluorescence by using the crime light prints on both sides of the document have been developed you

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