Ten Basic Plumbing Tools You Should Have At Home

Before entering the basics that one must have at home to survive a broken pipe, from our experts, we bring you some preliminary concepts to better understand the work of plumbers and then delve into a short review of how plumbing evolved until today and come up with a brief overview of some elementary tools.

What is plumbing?

It is an activity or a set of activities that are related to the installation and maintenance of pipes that allow the use of drinking water, as well as the evacuation of wastewater. It comes from the name of the material with which these pipes were formerly built, lead.

Plumbers, also called plumbers or in some countries of the continent, plumbing workers, in addition to installing a pipe, are trained to clean, repair, filter, whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or outside in the open air.


The best-known one has a wooden handle and a rubber suction cup—ideal for drains, bathtubs, and covered toilets.


Also very common, it is a hand tool used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. It has an adjustable opening that allows you to adapt to different measures.

Teflon tape

It is a kind of adhesive tape, which is placed on the threads and union joints; it seals hermetically to avoid water leaks in pipes and stopcocks. Ensure that the joints between pipes, stopcocks, taps, sleeves, or other are fixed. Allow no leaks to leak.

Stillson Wrench or Grifa Wrench

It has the same function as the monkey wrench, and only its design allows to fit parts that the monkey wrench would not be able to do. It is an adjustable wrench used to tighten or loosen very resistant parts. It has teeth in the shape of a vise, making it capable of holding firmly without slipping.

Parrot Beak Clamp

It is a variant of the adjustable wrench, and it is an extendable plier, more robust, very useful due to the versatility of functions it can perform, allowing holding and adjusting elements of different thicknesses. They give rise to greater torque with less human force.

Mountain range

It consists of a blade with a serrated edge and is handled by hand or by other energy sources, such as steam, water, or electricity. Depending on the material to be cut, different types of saw blades are used.

Tube cutter

A tube cutter is a tool used to cut circular tubes at right angles. After making the cut, you may find some irregularities on the edges of the cut tube. Don’t worry, and you can remove them with a small file or an irregularity removal tool made for this purpose.


It is the most common tool when it comes to making a hole on a hard surface.

Chain key

It is a type of wrench with a special design that has a shank and a steel pivot where the chain is hooked. Furthermore, they are widely used in pipe installations where there is no wrench for the pipe diameter to be adjusted.

Snap Forceps

They are clamps that can be immobilized with their mouth in a certain position and thus cut, twist, or tear off various objects or materials.

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