Relief Valve Keeps Opening? Thermal Expansion Explained | Repair and Replace

Hi, I'm Vance and welcome to Repair and Replace. If the relief valve in your water heater keeps
on opening, then it's likely an expansion issue in the
tank. In this episode we'll learn how it all works. The temperature and pressure relief valve is by far the most important
safety device in water heaters. If the pressure or temperature inside the
tank gets to high, the valve will open and release water, preventing
the tank from exploding. if the relief Valve opens intermittently, or even daily then its most likely due to
normal water pressure expansion. In some homes the water utility supply meter may contain a check valve, backflow preventer
or water pressure reducing valve. This creates a closed system. As the water heats up, it expands. If no water is being used at the time, the
water will travel back into the cold supply line. In a closed system this pressure has
nowhere to go, so the relief valve will open to
reduce the pressure. This can be fixed by installing a diaphragm-type
expansion tank on the cold water supply line. In these cases its best to contact a technician.

On the other hand if there is
a slow continuous leak then it's possible that the valve
is not closing properly. you can see how to replace the pressure
and temperature relief valve in the video linked below. For more troubleshooting on
water heaters, furnaces and appliances, then subscribe to our channel. And if you need help, you can call
or visit an AMRE location to talk with our knowledgeable staff. Thanks for watching..

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