Hydrogen Motoring Kits – More Than Big Fuel Savers


The advantage of installing a hydrogen conversion kit in your motor vehicle is not just big fuel savings. You also get lots more engine power, a much cleaner engine and lower emissions.

As you drive your car the engine gets dirtier inside from gunk and carbon build up. Your engine may currently be only about 20 per cent efficient with most of the energy from petrol being lost to heat. By installing a hydrogen gas kit, you immediately improve engine performance and efficiency, no matter how old or new the vehicle.

With the hydrogen kit installed emissions drop significantly. Unburned hydrocarbons are burned up, particulates and CO2 are reduced. This lowers the burden on your catalytic converter, making this expensive part last longer. Your engine burns slightly cooler because gas is burned up faster by introducing hydrogen, so the metal doesn’t have as much time to get hot.

The hydrogen car kit uses electricity from the battery to produce hydrogen from water and injects it in to your petrol.

The system provides hydrogen as the car needs it, rather than in storage tanks. The combustible gas is safe because it’s burned steadily from the water.

It can be used on petrol or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. The conversion is safe and easy to do. All that ‘s needed is a manual and parts for the kits. The parts can be easily purchased for less than $100 at local hardware and auto stores.

The system is easy to remove and re-install. If you think your dealer may give you a problem honouring a warrantyArticle Search, just take a few minutes to remove it beforehand. Pop it back in when you get home. No modifications are done to the engine itself.

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