East Side Of S. Locust St. Looking North From Third St., Delavan, Illinois

East Side Of S. Locust St. Looking North From Third St., Delavan, Illinois
As we continue exploration of the Delavan Commercial Historic District, we find ourselves back at the intersection of S. Locust and Third St. from where this tour began. The first photo in this series showed the west side of the S. Locust from Third St., whereas this photo is focused on the east side of the street. We’ll begin at the corner building and move north (left) up the block.

324 S. Locust
Located on the northeast corner of Locust and Fourth St., this contributing building to the historic district was constructed in 1911. Originally a shoe store, the property was repurposed over the years as a millinery and tailoring shop, grocery store, real estate office and insurance agency. Since the mid-1950s the building has been the home of Jeckel Plumbing and Heating.

322 S. Locust
Constructed in 1874 as one building with 320 S. Locust, and becoming a separate building about 1898. This contributing, two-story, brick masonry building, was home to Berger’s Department Store which closed in the early 1980s.

320 S. Locust
Constructed in 1874, this two-floor brick masonry building is a contributing property. At one time, probably in the 1870s, 322 and 320 next door were one building containing a dry goods store. Probably in the late 1890s, the store separated with 320 becoming bowling lanes, followed by a clothing store, seamstress shop, a cream station, jewelry store, hardware store. grocery, consignment store, restaurant and, most recently, an antique store.

318 S. Locust
A non-contributing, single-story building constructed in 1976. Formerly a pizza restaurant and later the Delavan Cafe. The building is currently available for lease or sale.

The buildings in this block north of 318 S. Locust have already been shown in detail in my photo "Looking South On S. Locust From Third St., Delavan, Illinois" found two posts back.

Delavan, with a population of 1,924 at the 2020 census, is part of the Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is a rural, agricultural community, that derives its name from Edward C. Delavan (1793-1871), a wealthy businessman from Albany, New York who devoted much of his fortune to promoting the temperance movement.
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