About Us

We are a family run Heating {Company|Business|Provider|Establishment} {who|that} cover {the whole|the entire|all of the} of the north east & {have|have actually} been {doing so|doing this} for {more than|at least} 40 years.

{Check out|Have a look at|Take a look at|Go to} our {website|web site|web page} {quotation|quote} tool, {where|wherein} you {can|can easily} use the {app|application} to {give|provide|offer|present} {a true|a real|an accurate} {indication|indicator} of what we {can do|may do|might do} for you.

{We|Our team|Our company|Our staff|Our firm} only {call|get in touch with|phone} you if {requested|asked}, that{‘s important| is essential} {these days|nowadays} we {think|believe}.

{We believe|Our company believe|Our team believe|We think} you {ought to|should} be in {control|charge} {throughout|through|across} {the whole|the entire|all of the} procedure, from {choosing|selecting|deciding on} your {boiler|central heating boiler} to the {date|day} you {wish|want|choose} the {work|job|service} {undertaken|carried out}.

{We|Our team|Our company|Our staff|Our firm} are {reputable|credible|professional}, {reliable|dependable|efficient}, work to {extremely|incredibly|very} high standards & {have|come with} {an excellent|an exceptional|a superb|a great} {reputation|track record}.

Our quotes are {realistic|reasonable|sensible} and {guaranteed|proven} not to shock, ({unlike|in contrast to|compared to|as opposed to} the big boys, you know who {they|these guys} are).

Family {based|derived} ideals, {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|wonderful} {support|service} should you {need|require|really need} it, no {salesmen|salespersons|sales people} and {certainly|definitely|most certainly} no “{big|large} company” faceless {figures|bodies} to deal with.

We {look forward to|anticipate|eagerly anticipate} {talking|speaking|chatting} and {working with|partnering with} you.
{Best|Very best} Wishes.

Alan & Adam Ward.